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We are a creative, web, and marketing agency operating from New York and Florida offering our services globally. We're fluent in strategy for web, film, print and graphics.


We know you are worth it,  and that is why we are here:  to help  you translate your talent, knowledge  and expertise into a web presence that’s memorable, full of impact, that is going to garner you the attention of your core audience and most importantly bring you business opportunities and the exposure you and your brand deserve.

Monkey Pig Inc. is comprised of a team of passionately creative minds, that take pride in working with equally ambitious companies or individuals towards the specific goal of being the very best in their industries and showcasing it to the world. We will evaluate every step to take to the minute detail, determining strategies in designing, building and/or maintaining your brand, and will establish guaranteed solutions that are attractive and innovative with marketing approaches that work. Simply put: We plan for success.

Perfect timing is embedded in our philosophy as a crucial aspect required in yielding great results. Tell us about your goals and we will take you there.

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Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!

Monkey Pig Inc.

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Digital Services

  • Website Design & Development
  • Responsive Design
  • E-commerce
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Brand Experience

  • Brand Creation
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Management
  • Brand collateral

Print Designs

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Print Ads

Video Production

  • Films
  • Commercial Work
  • Promos
  • Music Videos

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Take a look at some of the big ideas that have delivered the big numbers. We believe our work speaks for itself.


  • web Design: Client: Teoria Quintuple

Client: Teoria Quintuple

Website Design

Teoría Quíntuple became the most impacting band in New York City of Ecuadorian origin, with its outstanding first single – the power ballad- “Dolor” which was immediately well received by the Ecuadorian and Latino audience of the Northeastern state due to its engaging lyrics, which truthfully convey feelings that most of the time remain hidden.

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  • web Design: Client: Santaye

Client: Santaye

Website Design

Es gran cantautora Dominicana convencida de que con perseverancia y talento se puede llegar muy alto y ese es el camino que está dispuesta a recorrer, así es SANTAYE, un destello de talento y determinación. Estuvo nominada a los prestigios Premio lo Nuestro 2012 en la categoría Mejor Artista Femenina Tropical del año”.

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  • Web Design: Client: Victor Maldo

Client: Victor Maldo

Website Design

Mi intención es expresar lo que siento, todo eso que llevo dentro… sacar a flote las memorias de un hombre que ama a plenitud y que sigue amando a plenitud  para que ese amor, llene los espacios vacíos de los corazones de esta humanidad que esta tan carente y que realmente necesita de urgentes dosis de amor para ayudar a cambiar el mundo.


  • web Design: Client: Liz Menezes

Client: Liz Menezes

Website Design

Liz Menezes is a singer songwriter that began her musical career at the age of ten by getting involved in her church as part of the choir ensemble, while she was learning how to play classical piano. Her training as a writer began at an early age, when she began writing poetry which later would take life with melodies eventually becoming songs. Her desire to be involved in music led her to audition and along the way she did performances as a singer and also worked as a backup vocalist for different known artists.

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  • web Design: Client: Enemigos Del Suelo

Client: Enemigos Del Suelo

Website Design

Es una banda de pop-rock latino que nace para el 2002 en New york, bajo la iniciativa de George Chabebe (Voz). Desde un principio el concepto era unico, Enemigos del Suelo es nunca te dejes caer. New york City es sinonimo de variedad, union de culturas y una diversidad impresionante de vertientes musicales. Eso es Enemigos, una fusion de 4 diferentes culturas Latinoamericanas, que vienen creando un cocktail musical que va desde el pop, rock, fusion, electro, funk, reggae y otros ritmos.

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  • web Design: Client: Miss World R.D. 2011 Marianly Tejada

Client: Mairanly Tejada

Website Design

Marianly is currently studying for a degree in architecture. Her hobbies include: reading, volleyball, tennis, yoga, dancing and playing the guitar. Marianly’s proudest moment was moving to Kentucky for a year, at the age of 10, to learn English. She describes herself as determined and independent.

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  • Web Design: Client: Sasha del Valle

Client: Sasha del Valle

Website Design

Sasha Del Valle was named after performing legend Sasha Montenegro. Following suit, she began her career as a dancer and by the age of 12 Sasha was travelling to countries such as Italy, Germany and England on the Salsa dance circuit. It is that very experience she credits for opening up her perspective on life…and making her hungry to live it to the fullest!

She has since gone on to do work in the commercial, modeling, hosting, radio and acting industries. Sasha’s most notable acting credit to date is playing a lead role (Princess) in “Before I Self Destruct” written and directed by Hip Hop Mogul 50 Cent and you can tune in to NY 105.1 fm star DJ Clue’s Dessert Storm Radio program every Monday night to hear what Sasha, one of the co-hosts, has to say. Ms. Del Valle is definitely an “up and comer” to watch out for in the entertainment industry, so check back often to see what’s next!

Emi Antonio

Client: Emi Antonio

Emi Antonio, cuenta con una trayectoria musical llena de colaboraciones y participaciones, donde su nombre ha tenido la oportunidad de figurar junto al de grandes músicos y figuras, entre ellos: Dan Warner, Lee Levin, Chris Hierro, Jotan Afanador, Eli Menezes, Boris Milan, Tony Dawsey, entre otros.

  • Logo Design
  • Pop Rock Artist
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